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The word "birthmother" is becoming more frequently understood to mean a woman whose child has been placed for adoption; however, it is still widely used by many to mean a woman who is making an adoption plan, and has not yet relinquished her parental rights. Information on these pages is provided for both groups: women who are considering placing a child for adoption (pre-placement), and those who have placed (post-placement).

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Nstwaki - 8 months ago
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I want 2 place ma child 4 adoption m 4 months pregnant uneployed n I wnt 2 do wat best 4 ma child I need a family who will love n raise ma child as theirs #1
Guest - 2 years ago
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I am a first time birth mother the part that is making this hard for me is I already have two kids. I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing. Please email me at xxxx if you have any advice or ideas or something... #2
Carol-Lynn Liddiard - 2 years ago
0 2 5
I placed my daughter for adoption a year after she was born, the hardest decision of my life I am sure I will ever have to make and am looking for support groups in my area and it seems next to impossible to find. Communication over the internet for support is not the same as one on one interacting and talking face to face with others. There needs to be more for birth mothers and people should stop saying we gave our children away cause we didn't we gave them more, we gave them better!!! #3
Sarah Merkel - 10 months ago
0 1 3
I need help... I am 26 and got pregnant at 19. I had a son that I named Eli and have been struggling for the past 6 years to raise him and take care of him all on my own. I wanted to put him up for adoption while I was pregnant but was told by my family that if I did so they would disown me. Since then, I have struggled, trying to get support from my family and the father of my son, and never received much of anything. Now that I am older I see that a major decision in my life was made based out of fear of being "disowned" by my family. I had hope when I had Eli that I would have support and would be able to take on the responsibility of being a mom. Now I just feel so overwhelmed all the time and wonder if I should do what I felt in my heart to do at the beginning and put him up for adoption... I also wonder if it is too late and I should just continue to press on. #4
edna marie daigle - 12 months ago
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i placed my son up for adoption two days after his birth. I was raped and was afraid i may mistreat him and wanted for him to have a better life that i had had. I wanted for him a better life and education Not one day that i don't think of him. i gave up the love of my life please help me as i am getting older and i just want to know that he is ok i love him so much that my heart ache every moment of the day #5
Shantelle LeBlanc - 11 months ago
0 0 2
Looking for birth parents. Adopted at birth through Catholic Diocese of Lafayette,Louisiana. My date of birth is 5/27/79. My birth mother wrote a letter which I assume she asked the agency pass on to my adoptive parents at their discretion; and they did. It was written on stationary and explained her reasoning for choosing adoption. She stated in the letter she would like to meet me one day. The social worker for my case informed my adoptive parents that my birth parents were married shortly after my adoption. If u can help me to locate them or a family member, please email xxxx #6
Bonnie - 4 months ago
0 0 1
My older sister had a baby girl 5/27/1979 she gave her up for adoption hoping for her to have a better Life than what she could give her at that time. She named her Kelly. The baby was born in Waukegan Illinois...i I dont have alot of information....the agencey she went through is no longer around ...she loved/loves you and just wants to know you are alright ..and if youd like to meet the family we would love that too! Searching for youu...hoping maybe you are searching too #7
Jasmine - 2 months ago
0 0 1
Hi. I'm not a mom... But I am looking for mine.. And for my father and siblings... But I don't know how to find them. Email me @ xxxx #8
Laura - 8 months ago
0 0 1
I put my baby girl up for adoption. She was born 3-9-1976 at DePaul Hospital in Norfolk, VA. There was no way I could keep her. I lived in a 2 bedroom duplex with 4 siblings and parents. This was a private adoption and I thought it was through an attorney by the name of Howard Copeland. I would love to meet her. I know she will be 38 this year. I have so much to tell her and I want to hear about her life. Any help much appreciated. Thank you! #9
Crystal Renee Kemper - 8 months ago
0 0 1
I gave my daughter up for adoption almost 18 years ago she was born in Gary In. At Gary methods hospital.she was born around the 5 of May i believe that was 1996 i named her Roshell Lynn kemper but her adopted parents changed her name to Nora she is a bye racial child i would like help to find her but don't no where to start #10
hailey - 2 weeks ago
0 0 0
I am looking for a family for my son. I have one child and I feel that I am not financially stable enough for another baby. I want to keep him and give him the life he deserves but I know adoption is the best choice for him. I am in Tucson AZ. Looking for someone to love him like they're own and give him the life that I cannot. #11
Rebecca - 3 months ago
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when I think of Jessica Marie, she was an open adoption, I wish I could say I was poor or young; but I wasn't. The truth was I was in my late 20's had a great job. I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 6 months along (she was very healthy at birth). I didn't want a child at the time it doesn't mean she wasn't loved by my family or me. I must have investigated 30 couples and interviewed 5 before I decided; and I pray to this day she is okay. Jack and Linda deserved her more than any couple I ever imagine! I am 43 and happily married without children (I married in 2011). I still dream about her and wonder where her life is going to take her (I hope she gets the educational, travel bug). trust you instincts. #12
Deena Waite - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I'm a birth mother of two children. My daughter is 5 and my son is 3. Both times were the worst times in my life. I'm hoping to reunite with the both of them. I'd love to have other birth mothers to talk to. It's hard and it hasn't gotten any easier. Find me on Facebook Deena Marie Waite #13
gloria j aguilar - 6 months ago
0 2 1
My name is gloria.I put my duaghter upnfor adoption because of the other parent my kids other father wasent going to have to go threw the fact that she wasent his own.I no her name is camile..I can't remember the right date of her painful for me I fell into a deep depresion.she was supose to be in california but some how ended up in 1998 or 1999 is when she was born.silver spoons lie to me said it was going to be open adoption and its not after the research I've done.I only wish to have contact with her.I can't seem to get my life together due to the missing piece.her..I love you babygirl.. #14
kayla - 21 hours ago
0 0 0
hoping to connect with a birthmother to adopt. My bf and I are military and we have a 4year old daughter. would love to talk about it. we are in Virginia. k ball1987 at Google mail (geemail) #15
Ashleigh - 2 months ago
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Hi, My husband and I are the parents to two beautiful children and have the deep desire to adopt another child. We have a nice home in a wonderful area, with steady income. We have sought legal advice and were told that we sould need to find a birth mother. I have no idea where to start. #16
Kim - 1 month ago
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August 18th will make my adopted daughters ninth birthday. I wish that I could see her. I feel so alone and so heartbroken and I am riddled with regret and guilt. #17
Barb - 2 months ago
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Looking for my child born in Hartford ct 11/7/67. I named him Michael and kissed him good bye because I did not have a choice. He was so sweet. I didn't have a choice. I am heart broken but want to find to find him now, he is 47 now #18
Janice - 6 months ago
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I'm a birth mother and found my son in 1995 when he 22 yrs. old. He's a fine young man and we have a good relationship. I spoke at 2 adoption classes between 95 and 97. Would like to get involved in another adoption support group, even get one started. I live in Anaheim, Ca. Is anyone interested in a support group? Please let me know if you're interested please. My e-mail is xxxx #19
Guest - 2 months ago
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October 1976 phoenix arizona family services my birth mother was deaf and i have 9 siblings my email is xxxx #20
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